Every professional club in the world uses video scouting. But many clubs struggle to get the most out of the video footage they have available. With our advanced video scouting methods, we are both accurate and fast.

Relevant info

To evaluate players, we use Wyscout, a platform that contains an unlimited amount of highly valuable information on players. 

The trick is to spend as much time as possible on the most relevant player information, and as less as possible time on not-so-relevant player info.

Different methods

Basically, Wyscout offers three methods of evaluating players.

  • Full match footage. Videos of whole matches, optionally viewable in the ‘Effective time’ mode which skips all out-of-play situations.
  • Automatic Video Report. Playlists consisting of all clips of an individual player, optionally from the matches of your choice.
  • Custom Video Report. Playlists based on selecting specific events on players, such as only including defensive events in a central defender’s playlist.

The secret of using video scouting to its full advantage is knowing when to use which method.


That largely depends on the context. Which player are you evaluating, in which position? And what is the objective of the evaluation?

‘Quick scanning’ a central defender who was offered by an agent requires a different approach than making a final judgement on a winger who has been followed by your team for months.

After gaining years of experience with many scouts, we know exactly where to find the most relevant information on each player by combining the three methods described above.


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