Scouting, better and more efficiently.


and more efficiently.


“We watch football all day, so you have more time for other things”

Marco van der Heide
Founder 360 Scouting

What we can do for you

We help clubs to find the most suitable players with our team of professional video scouts.

You send us a longlist of player names, we evaluate them accurately.

You provide us with your player search criteria, we give our best suggestions.

You consider signing a player, we provide an extensive unbiased advice.

You want to expand to a new market, we set up a scouting infrastructure there.

Why choose us


We only hire the best 1% of all applying scouts and continuously educate them.


We use many different tricks to use the available video footage in a very smart way.


With our big team of 14 scouts, we can evaluate many players in a short time span.


We can easily adapt to your club's needs, methods, people and systems.

Trusted by clubs in

Champions League​

Major League Soccer​

Primeira Liga​


Eerste Divisie

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