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All the services we provide to clubs have one thing in common: we use video scouting to evaluate players in great detail. This way, we create additional manpower for clubs in their player recruitment processes. And we tailor our services to match the scouting setup of each club we partner with.

Below, you’ll find an overview of the primary services we offer.

Player evaluations

Individual player ratings and reports

With our player evaluation service, you simply send us a list of player names, and we evaluate them accurately and fast. We use Wyscout to rate and describe them in detail. Because of this, you know which players to cross out and who to follow up on with your own internal scouting team.

Match reports

Watching matches to spot interesting players

Every week, many games are played in which potentially interesting players compete. With our help, you will be able to cover way more of those matches to identify transfer targets. One of our scouts watches the match, and rates and reports the most interesting and suitable players for your club. 

League scouting

Identify interesting players within a league or region

Many clubs divide their scouts per league or region to collect information about players. With our league scouting service, we’ll take care of one or more leagues or regions for you. We watch matches, collect information and point you towards the players you should look at with your own team.

Custom Projects

Tailor-made scouting

Above, we outline how we assist clubs with their scouting efforts, but we're flexible. As long as it involves assessing players using video footage, we can tailor our services to meet your club's specific needs.

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