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Scouting and recruiting the best players for your team is crucial for succeeding in football. But most professional football clubs struggle doing this successfully. They lack manpower and budget. That's where we come in. We are a team of elite video scouts and it’s our goal to help clubs to find the most suitable players by utilizing the full power of video scouting. By doing so we make scouting better, smarter and faster.

How we work

Our approach

Our approach blends expertise with efficiency: we link clubs with top video scouts globally.

This enables clubs to evaluate more players, matches, and leagues while conserving time and resources and gaining unbiased insights. Our method is straightforward and revolves around three steps:

  1. We recruit and train the best video scouts 
  2. We assign them to clubs to create extra manpower
  3. We adjust our services to the club’s scouting setup

Who we help

Football clubs worldwide​

We specialize in helping professional football clubs globally, many of which encounter resource constraints. These constraints often lead to delayed player follow-ups, narrow scouting focused on home countries or a few familiar nations, and heavy reliance on a small group of agents.

Our team of video scouts assists technical directors and (chief) scouts in performing better and acting faster. While hiring an extra scout can help, we offer a more efficient solution: partnering with our remote video scouting team. You can work flexibly with us for half the cost of one full-time scout.

Our team

And where we work

Our office is in Groningen, the Netherlands, but our scouting team operates remotely across three continents. Our scouts are carefully selected and represent the top <1% of over 2.500 applicants. We believe securing a football job shouldn’t rely on connections, nor does it require a professional football background. What matters most to us are two key qualities: a deep understanding of football and high-quality reporting skills in written English. Our application process rigorously tests these skills.

Why we started

Our story

We were founded in 2021 by Marco van der Heide, a former professional player who – after his active career – spent thousands of hours analyzing matches and players.

If there is one thing he learned from working in the world of football scouting over the last ten years, it is that scouting can be done so much better and more efficiently! The main reason for that is that video scouting is highly undervalued, especially if combined with data and live scouting smartly. We truly believe that good video scouting can make a big difference for clubs. It is very accurate, time-efficient, and affordable. 

From this insight, a company was born: 360 Scouting.

What we do

Our services

All the services we provide to clubs have one thing in common: we use video scouting to evaluate players in great detail. This way, we create additional manpower for clubs in their player recruitment processes. Our services for clubs include player evaluations, match reports and league scouting. But we are very flexible, and we fully adjust our services to the scouting setup of the clubs we collaborate with. As long as it involves evaluating players based on available video footage, we can help you. 

How you benefit

Get to know more interesting players

Save valuable time and costs

Make better-informed decisions

More focus for your own scouts

Follow-up on more players faster

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