About us

360 Scouting supports professional clubs in their player recruitment processes by utilizing the full power of video scouting. It’s our goal to help clubs find the most suitable players with our team of professional video scouts.

Why we started 

We were founded in 2021 by Marco van der Heide, a former professional player who – after his active career – spent thousands of hours analyzing matches and players.

If there is one thing he learnt from working in the world of football scouting over the last ten years, it is that scouting can be done so much better and more efficiently!

The main reason for that: video scouting is highly undervalued, especially if combined with data and live scouting in a smart way.

We truly believe that good video scouting can make a big difference for clubs. It is very accurate, time-efficient and affordable.

Why choose us

Four things are crucial in setting up a good video scouting infrastructure. Everything we do originates from those four cornerstones.


We only hire the best 1% of all applying scouts and continuously educate them.


We use many different tricks to use the available video footage in a very smart way.


With our big team of 14 scouts and our efficient methods, we can evaluate many players.


We can easily adapt to your club's needs, methods, people and systems.

Working across the globe

The idea that video scouting can be done better led to the company we are today. We help clubs all around the world. 

Our office is situated in Groningen, the Netherlands, but our team of scouts is working remotely all across the world across three different continents. 

Want to learn more about how we can support your club? Check out our services.

360 Scouting

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Our team of video scouts

Birkan Dogan

Video scout

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Josip Korda

Video scout

Kosta Marcopulos

Video scout

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Video scout

Marko Jovic

Video scout

Oliver Nerent

Video scout

Panos Karagiannis

Video scout

Petros Kariatoglou

Video scout

Guilherme Lourenço

Video scout

James Lloyd

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Paulius Kundzelevicius

Video scout

Philipp Hollenhorst

Video scout

Martin Pickard

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