Creating clarity: smart use of a player rating system

One of the fundamentals of a good scouting infrastructure is a clear and consistent rating system. The rating system is used by scouts to assess the level and/or suitability of a player for their club. What is important in setting up such a rating system? And how can you make

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How we adjust to a club’s scouting setup

If there’s one thing we’ve learned that clubs hate, it is having to implement many different platforms and applications into their organization. Sooner or later, information won’t align, and that creates problems. Therefore, we always adjust to a club’s scouting setup once we set up a cooperation. In this article,

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Creating a scouting funnel – from longlist to shadow list

Signings in football always catch the eye. In fact, they are only the tip of the iceberg. The extensive process leading up to those signings rarely becomes visible to the outside world. In one way or another, every club goes through a process of filtering hundreds or even thousands of

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13 advantages of video over live scouting

Video and live scouting both have their unique pros and cons. They should be combined to get the best results. At the same time, we truly believe that video scouting is a very undervalued scouting method. In this article, you’ll find 13 reasons why. Obviously, live scouting also has its

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Discovering the best free football scouting software

Countless professional football clubs heavily rely on premium football scouting software, such as Impect, StatsBomb, Opta, or SciSports, for comprehensive data analysis. While these tools offer an extensive array of features, they can be (too) expensive, particularly for smaller clubs and aspiring scouts (or fantasy football enthusiasts). Fortunately, excellent free

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The World’s Best Football Scouting Websites: 11 Great Examples

In football, talent scouting is an art that demands a sharp eye, analytical thinking, and the right tools. The days of trawling through dusty archives and attending endless matches to uncover hidden gems are not over, but the game has evolved. To help you navigate this ever-expanding landscape of football

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