Each club has their own unique believes, methods, people and systems. With 360 Scouting, we always adjust to that specific setup. For any club, this makes the implementation of our video scouting support way smoother.

Reporting database

One of the things we adjust to, is the reporting database your club uses. This can be Pro Soccer Data, SoccerLAB, ISF Scout7, SAP or any other platform.

Ideally, the club creates accounts for the 360 scouts who are assigned to the club, with a limited permission (the scouts should only see their own reports).

Rating system

We also adapt to the rating system your club uses, whether that is A/B/C/D, 5/6/7/8/9, green/orange/red or any other rating system that compares players.

We do so by requesting all the information about the rating system, and transferring that information to our scouts, who use the rating system as their reference.

Style of reporting

Most clubs have a desired way of reporting. They prefer the reports to be either long or short, complex or simple, and based on phases of play or rather on strengths and weaknesses.

Our scouts try to adjust to this preferred reporting style to create as much consistency inside your club’s player reporting database as possible.


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