The benefits of working with us over a full-time scout

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Scouting the best players for your club is crucial to make good recruitment decisions. Most clubs experience a lack of manpower within this scouting process. Hiring an extra scout can be a good solution, but we offer a better one: working with our remote team of video scouts. Below, you’ll read more about the pros and cons of both solutions. 

Partner with our elite scouts 

Finding good scouts is hard. Over the years, we’ve specialized in exactly that. Out of over 2.500 scouts, we picked the best ~1% based on advanced, anonymous assessments. You can benefit from working with this group of elite scouts for half the costs of hiring one full-time scout.

Comparing Solutions

Let’s delve into the distinctions between engaging our services and hiring a full-time scout.


Full-Time Scout

360 Scouting

Cost per year 

€ 48.000 – € 60.000

€ 24.000 – € 48.000

Workload & Scalability



Replacement when absent



Hiring Process

Hard & Time-consuming

Fast & Easy

Quality & Output 

While it’s clear there are practical differences, we see the real difference in the quality and performance.


Full-Time Scout

360 Scouting

Player evaluations (per year) 

400 – 600

800 – 1.750

Expert opinions



Quality of the reports



Wyscout experience



Focus on education & improvement



How a partnership starts

If we start a cooperation with a club, this is how it unfolds.

  1. Determine scout count: Begin by deciding the number of scouts for your club. Our recommendation is a minimum of three to ensure adequate coverage and effectiveness while capping at six to maintain manageable coordination and engagement.
  2. Scout allocation: Together with your club, we identify the most suitable scouts. Each scout brings unique expertise, whether in specific leagues or positions, enhancing the depth of your scouting team.
  3. Tailored reporting: Once scouts are assigned, they are briefed in detail. This includes familiarizing them with your club’s playing style, positional preferences, scouting database, rating systems, and reporting standards. This customization ensures that the reports delivered align perfectly with your club’s requirements. 

Ensuring confidentiality

We understand the sensitivity of club information and prioritize confidentiality.

  • Separate teams. Our scouts operate in distinct teams, preventing any conflicts of interest.
  • Software permissions. We seamlessly integrate with your scouting software, ensuring access restrictions to maintain data integrity.
  • Ownership. Clubs retain full ownership of player evaluations and reports, safeguarding their intellectual property.
  • NDA Compliance. Our team adheres to strict Non-Disclosure Agreements, underscoring our commitment to confidentiality.

Furthermore, we welcome your input on additional measures.

Main benefits

By partnering with us, you cover more players, matches, and leagues, and save valuable time and resources while receiving unbiased insights. Our tailored reports empower you to conduct more effective live scouting, ensuring that you are better prepared and informed. Ultimately, this allows you to make better recruitment decisions and discover more interesting players who can enhance your team’s success. 

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