Our approach

The way we work is very simple. It is based on three crucial elements: finding scouts, allocating them and adjusting to the club’s scouting setup. Below, we’ll explain them in more detail. Within those three steps, we offer several services to clubs based on their specific needs. All of them involve evaluating players and matches based on video footage.

We recruit and train the best video scouts worldwide

Step 1

We’ve experienced that many clubs struggle to get good scouts on board. That’s why we’ve set up a very smart hiring process for video scouts in the last two years. In total, more than 2.500 scouts applied for a job at our company. None of them was required to send us a CV or cover letter, everyone received the first scouting assessment. It contains tactical situations and questions to be answered. The best ~10% proceeds to the second assessment, where applicants evaluate individual players and a full match. We anonymize the names of the applicants to be unbiased when rating their assessments. In the end, only the top 1% is asked to join our company.

We spend a lot of time on this application procedure, and it provides us with something unique: the best possible video scouts from all over the world. And we don’t stop there: we provide ongoing individual and group feedback to help our scouts continuously improve.

We assign them to clubs to create extra manpower

Step 2

When we have conversations with people at a club, we always identify their main needs. Based on that, if we start a collaboration, we allocate between three and six scouts to that club. We pick the most suitable scouts based on their strengths, fields of expertise and specific knowledge of leagues or positions on the pitch. We educate those scouts in how the club wants to work in their scouting department.

We adjust to the club’s scouting setup

Step 3

Our scouts do not perform one-size-fits-all scouting. On the contrary. When we collaborate with a club, our scouts heavily adjust to the specific preferences of the club. To start with, they take into account the club’s playing style, game model, and positional profiles. Preferably, they’ll get an account in the club’s scouting database (with permission to see only their own reports). Added to that, they evaluate players within the rating system and reporting guidelines the club uses. By working like this, we make sure that we fully adjust to the club, and not the other way around.

How you benefit

Get to know more interesting players

Save valuable time and costs

Make better-informed decisions

More focus for your own scouts

Follow-up on more players faster

Scouting: better, smarter, faster

Work together wit our team of elite video scouts

Find the best players for your club with our remote video scouting team. Cover more players, matches, and leagues while saving time and resources. Partner with us for flexible and unbiased insights at half the cost of hiring a full-time scout.

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