The World’s Best Football Scouting Websites: 11 Great Examples

In football, talent scouting is an art that demands a sharp eye, analytical thinking, and the right tools. The days of trawling through dusty archives and attending endless matches to uncover hidden gems are not over, but the game has evolved. To help you navigate this ever-expanding landscape of football scouting resources, we've curated a selection of eleven of the best websites for football scouts. 

The 11 best websites for football scouts

Discover the ultimate resources for football scouting with these 11 websites:

    1. Total Football Analysis  
    2. Scouted Notebook
    3. Spielverlagerung
    4. Breaking the lines 
    5. Scouted Football
    6. Coaches Voice
    7. Football Talent Scout 
    8. Shogun Soccer
    9. Target Scouting
    10. Liam Henshaw
    11. Chris Gill

    Please be aware that we present these websites in a random order and they do not signify a specific ranking. These platforms are invaluable for football scouts, offering insights to keep you ahead of the game, updates on the latest tactical developments, and information on emerging talents and rising stars.

    #1: Total Football Analysis

    At, you’ll discover a comprehensive football analysis resource. This platform encompasses a wide array of content, including match analysis, player analysis, manager/head coach analysis, recruitment analysis, and set-piece analysis. Total Football Analysis (TFA) is curated by a dedicated team of fervent football enthusiasts committed to delving into the intricacies of the sport.

    Total Football Analysis Logo

    In addition to the website and newsletter, TFA publishes a monthly online football analysis magazine. Subscribers gain full access to premium content, while a free account option allows you to access a selection of complimentary articles each month.

    #2: Scouted Notebook: Discover Tomorrow’s Football Stars

    Since its inception in 2014, Scouted Notebook has been on a mission to unearth the future of football talent before the world catches on. With a profound commitment to youth football, this independent and employee-owned publication strives to offer in-depth, high-quality articles and reports that shine a spotlight on emerging stars destined to make their mark on the pitch.

    One of their annual highlights is the SCOUTED50, a coveted list that unveils the 50 breakout talents set to captivate fans and enthusiasts in the upcoming season. This eagerly awaited publication is a treasure trove for those seeking to stay ahead in the game of talent identification.

    While you can enjoy a selection of public posts each month, complete access to their wealth of insights and discoveries necessitates a subscription.

    #3: Spielverlagerung: German-born Tactical Excellence

    Spielverlagerung is a high-quality football tactics blog for enthusiasts, players, coaches, analysts, and journalists alike. Originally, the content was exclusively in German, but now, they generously share their tactical knowledge in English, transcending language barriers and widening the scope of their influence.

    The term “Spielverlagerung” may translate to ‘play relocation’ or ‘game switching,’ but let’s admit, it resonates with a special charm in its original German form.

    Beyond their articles, Spielverlagerung provides a valuable glossary encompassing all football tactical terms, ensuring that readers are well-equipped to delve deeper into the game’s complexities. Additionally, they offer an engaging podcast that provides another dimension to their in-depth analysis. The simplicity of the website’s interface is merely a facade, for beneath it lies a wealth of knowledge and a profound understanding of the game. 

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    #4: Breaking the Lines: Beautifully designed tactical insights  

    Breaking the Lines aims to educate football fans worldwide. They provide in-depth articles, match analysis, and insightful commentary on various aspects of the beautiful game. Whether it’s tactical breakdowns, player profiles, or engaging opinion pieces, Breaking the Lines offers a diverse and engaging perspective on the world of football. What sets Breaking the Lines apart from many others on this list, is not only the quality of their content but also the exquisite presentation.

    #5: Scouted Football: Discover the next generation of football stars 

    Scouted Football is your window into the world of young and emerging football talents. With a dedicated team of analysts, they excel at offering comprehensive insights into a player’s background, playing style, skill set, and potential future.

    Their focus goes beyond the widely recognized young stars; they also illuminate the path of football’s lesser-known prospects. Whether it’s a budding striker in Poland, a tenacious ball-winner in Argentina, or an electrifying winger in Australia, Scouted Football is committed to introducing these players to you before the rest of the world catches on.

    Through their blog, you not only stay ahead of the curve but also position yourself among the early discoverers of these budding football luminaries. Delve into their rapidly expanding archives, where you’ll find a treasure trove of future football stars waiting to be uncovered.

    #6: The Coaches’ Voice:  Platform for aspiring football coaches

    The Coaches’ Voice offers a glimpse into the thoughts, strategies, and experiences of top coaches, managers, and players. They do that with interviews, articles, and video content but we find their scout reports the most interesting part of their website, of course. While you won’t discover new players, they provide valuable perspectives on well-known players and clubs, making them a standout feature of the website.

    #7: Football Talent Scout: database of lesser-known talents 

    Football Talent Scout was established by Jacek Kulig, a passionate 32-year-old football enthusiast based in Brussels. His vision is to create an extensive database featuring young, talented, yet lesser-known football players from across the globe. To achieve this, he shares engaging articles spotlighting emerging and undiscovered football talents. ‘In Youth We Trust’ is the motto of FTS, and you’ll wholeheartedly embrace this sentiment after reading his articles. In addition to the blog, Jacek manages a Facebook page dedicated to football scouting, boasting nearly 200,000 followers.

    #8: Shogun Soccer: Top Japanese Soccer Resource 

    Japan, a nation passionate about football, has produced top talents excelling in European leagues. Yet, language barriers and limited J-League coverage keep the world in the dark about rising stars, team dynamics, and tactical innovations. Enter Shogun Soccer, your gateway to the exciting world of Japanese football. Shogun Soccer offers a unique perspective, from the J.League to the Japan national team and beyond.

    Fluent in scouting but not so much in Japanese? No worries. All the articles are meticulously crafted in English by Ryo Nakagawara, a data scientist by day, a passionate football blogger by night. Ryo’s expertise in data analytics shines through his strong tactical data visualizations, adding depth to his insightful articles. For those eager to dive into the heart of Japanese football, Shogun Soccer is the ultimate resource.

    #9: Target Scouting: ‘Scouting for …’ series

    Target Scouting LogoFounded in April 2020 during the first lockdown, Target Scouting by Luke Griffin and Jeroen Tegelaers originally aimed to demystify the player scouting process. They crafted match reports and eventually compiled comprehensive player reports from them. Alongside this, they sought to nurture young, talented writers, resulting in several contributors landing football-related jobs. When Luke Griffin joined Scottish club Hibernian FC, Jeroen continued the project in December 2021 with Josse van Bakel.

    Today, Target Scouting has evolved, focusing increasingly on recruitment and scouting. Their ‘Scouting for …’ series recommends players to clubs, and they’ve created threads suggesting replacements for players like Mazraoui (Ajax) or Grimaldo (Benfica), supported by data and video analysis.

    #10 Liam Henshaw: Free tools and insightful analysis 

    Liam Henshaw is an analyst and scout at Heart of Midlothian FC. Beyond his role at the club, Liam generously imparts his wealth of knowledge on football scouting through various platforms such as his website, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    Liam Henshaw

    He creates very useful articles, tools, and courses to help people expand their football knowledge so they can start and progress their scouting journey. A standout display of Liam’s analytical skills is his in-depth analysis of Nottingham Forest’s Summer Recruitment Plan using data, showcasing his talent in understanding intricate football scouting strategies. But he also shares practical tools like his Notion Scouting Template, offering a glimpse into his systematic approach to scouting. Additionally, he takes the time to review intriguing and pertinent books, providing followers with a curated selection of literature to enhance their understanding of the field.

    For those aspiring to advance their careers in football scouting, we can recommend following Liam Henshaw.

    #11 Chris Gill: Interesting Football Scouting Podcast 

    Chris GillAlongside Liam, check out Chris Gill’s website. After university and roles in sports analysis, he founded In-Play Sports. Chris shares tips on breaking into the industry and provides advice, including insightful interviews on his podcast. While his expertise is in analysis, his podcast features discussions with professionals in various sports roles, from scouts to coaches and more. It’s a captivating resource for anyone intrigued by the world of football scouting.

    Bonus: 360 Scouting Blog 

    We’ll be honest: currently, our football scouting blog doesn’t belong on this list of best football scouting websites, but we’re determined to change that! Alongside our scouting services for clubs, we have ambitious plans to produce valuable content for (chief) scouts, and sporting directors. You won’t find player profiles of emerging talents here but we want to help clubs to improve scouting and make better recruitment decisions. Our approach won’t be centered on quantity, but rather a relentless commitment to quality.

    If you’re eager not to miss any of our forthcoming articles, follow us on X/Twitter or LinkedIn. Stay tuned for more updates!

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